William J. Meagher offers a full range of soil and environmental consulting services.

Perc testIn addition to onsite sewage treatment system testing, design, and permitting, we offer the following services:

Sewage Disposal System Maintenance Inspections

Property owners with alternative septic systems are required by law to have a maintenance contract.  With our expertise we can offer professional inspection services and recommend contractors if any repairs are necessary.

Wetland Delineation and Permitting

With wetlands delineation and permitting as one of our primary business services, William J. Meagher has established solid working relationships with Counties and regulatory agencies to aid in expediting wetland delineation approvals and the subsequent permitting processes.

Marine Construction Permitting

The permitting process required prior to building a new dock, pier, boat lift or revetment can be quite arduous.  State and county (and sometimes local) permits are required.  That’s why many property owners turn to William J. Meagher to handle the permitting process.

Shoreline Erosion Control Design and Permitting

William J. Meagher can provide design and permitting services for comprehensive shoreline stabilization planning, and assist in siting/permit issues.

Shrink Swell Soil Studies

Shrink-swell soils cause billions of dollars of damage to homes and property in the United States every year. There are areas of shrink-swell soil in the Middle Peninsula, so it is important to determine prior to construction if your site may be subject to this problem.

Our evaluations are conducted by Certified Professional Soil Scientists and fulfill the county requirements for shrink-swell testing.  Our inspection can not only detect any shrink-swell issues, it can potentially save substantial costs.  If shrink-swell soil is found on your site a construction engineer or architect can recommend foundation designs that can mitigate the problem.

Chesapeake Bay Act Studies

The Chesapeake Bay Act impacts significant portions of the Middle Peninsula.  We can delineate the areas of your residential or commercial site impacted by the Bay Act, and recommend appropriate design options.

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