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Soil Scientist Bill Meagher

'The Soil Man', Bill Meagher

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William J. Meagher and associates has been conducting soil studies for onsite sewage disposal systems, as well as other site-related services for property owners, since 1989. We take pride in providing efficient, quality service while educating the customer on the different types of systems and services available.

Founder Bill Meagher holds the following credentials:

  • Certified Professional Soil Scientist
  • Certified Professional Wetland Delineator
  • Licensed Onsite Soil Evaluator
  • Licensed Alternative Onsite Sewage System Operator

The firm also has two licensed engineers on staff, as well as soil testers and office staff.

Let us show you all the options as technologies and regulations continue to evolve.

Today there is a range of options available when designing a sewage disposal system. Over the past two decades a number of alternative treatment systems have been developed and approved, making more land accessible for building. As treatment system technology has evolved, regulations have had to change to keep pace. We have put together a presentation that shows property owners their options, and discusses regulatory and cost issues. We d be pleased to share this knowledge with you.

The experience and credentials to provide critical site-related services.

We provide the following services for sewage disposal systems:

  • Soil studies ( perc tests )
  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Maintenance inspections

In addition, we also offer the following site-related services:

  • Wetland delineation and permitting
  • Marine construction permitting
  • Shoreline erosion control design and permitting
  • Shrink swell soil studies
  • Chesapeake Bay Act studies

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