Our soil evaluation and design experts can offer the right onsite sewage disposal system solution for your site.

In rural areas like the Middle Peninsula, most property owners are faced with the need to install an onsite sewage disposal system, or septic system. Many sites do not qualify for a conventional septic system. While some sites will not qualify for any sewage disposal solution, as regulations change more and more require alternative systems .

The cost of alternative systems can be significantly more than the cost of a conventional septic system. Property owners often benefit from a comprehensive evaluation of their site which can determine if any conventional sites exist on the property. Whether or not a conventional site is located, the comprehensive study will help identify the most effective and lowest cost treatment system alternative.

Drain field planning and evaluation

As independent soil consultants we do not sell or install septic systems. We are totally objective when helping our clients choose the most appropriate septic system to provide environmentally friendly on-site sewage disposal. We do, however, provide our clients with a list of reputable and qualified providers of such services.

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There are a number of companies producing alternate systems, each employing different technology. These include:

Alternative Septic Systems

Alternative Systems Require More Careful Engineering and Design

While alternative septic treatment systems make more land available for onsite treatment, these systems operate with more advanced technology and tighter soil specifications. In addition, Virginia has passed regulations requiring regular maintenance of alternative systems.

For these reasons expert design is more critical for alternative systems than for conventional systems.

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